Lansing Area R Users Group (laRUG) with Data Science

The Lansing Area R Users Group (laRUG) brings together R users in the Lansing area for discussions on data science (analysis and predictive modeling), big data, and all things R. This group provides a relaxed environment to exchange ideas and discuss R. Whether you are new to R (and programming), a statistician, or an advanced user, we are the group for you.

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May 2017 Notes on Text mining and Data Science

The May 2017 meetup focused on R packages for text mining and the types of analysis possible.

R Packages

The tm and tidytext packages were discussed. Throughout the discussion, tidytext was seen as the cleanest way to work with data.frames. The RTextTools package is another package to perform text mining and sentiment analysis.

tidytext Tutorials

The following tidytext tutorials are an excellent resource for learning the procedure and protocol for cleaning and analyzing text. The following vignettes and tutorials were the basis for our discussion.